The Trip Begins!

Well, our big trip is underway. As expected the last weeks before we left Maui were a chaotic blur of packing, moving, selling and cleaning our condo to prepare to rent it out. There were our final days of work and the bittersweet wishes for a safe and fun trip from many friends who we will miss very much until our return to the beautiful island we call home.

We landed in Seattle with more luggage than we could possibly carry to the shock of record cold weather. We were expecting chilly, but we weren’t prepared physically or mentally for the biting cold of well below freezing temperatures for almost an entire two weeks! But we survived the icy cold with many layers of clothes and the warmth of family  and friends everywhere we went. Baby Sadie got to meet grandparents, great grandparents and many more people who love her to the moon and back, and who are anxiously awaiting her return so they can spoil her rotten.

We quickly learned that with two suitcases, a diaper bag, backpack, car seat, travel crib, kokopax baby carrier and stroller we were traveling much too heavy, and we began the process of unloading what already felt like a precious few items to lighten our load.

next stop was LA, where we spent two weeks and the Christmas holiday with Sadie’s other grandparents and relatives. Warm and sunny California felt much more comfortable for my Hawaii -thinned blood, and we ate our way through two weeks, taking full advantage of the free babysitting available. It will be a long time before the hubby and I get baby-free date nights again. It was also the first Christmas that we didn’t exchange a single gift between us. We are already giving ourselves the gift each us us truly wants, this amazing adventure we are about to embark on as a family, all the beautiful places we will see, all the interesting people we will meet, and most importantly, all of our time, from now until this trip is finished, to spend together.

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and adventurous New Year to all! Love, us!


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