Caribbean to the Pacific

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but occasionally time takes a slow bus over the mountains, and you are still having fun…

That was us amost two weeks ago, when we trekked over the misty mountains of Panama to get to Bocas Del Toro. Our first stop was noisy, colorful Bocas town, where we checked im to an over-budget hotel for a couple nights to get our bearings. It rained a lot those first two days, which gave us a lot of time to get to know some new friends from Geneva and their sweet daughter Eliza. We also took a few naps in the hammocks…

image image



When the sun came out we cruised over to nearby Bastimentos and the beautiful Red Frog beach. Sadie was very, very happy to get her toes back in the sand and sea! We were not disappointed either.





We stayed for three lazy days in Old Bank, met a lot of quirky characters like Uli from Germany and Snake from all parts of the world. It rained a lot and we boldly went on one very muddy hike to Wizard beach, our bare feet sinking ankle deep most of the way. It was an adventure we’ve agreed never to speak of again, so please pretend like you didn’t just read that…

image image






We stayed two more nights in a bunker at Red Frog, and Sadie made more friends. Apparently we are not the only people crazy/bold enough to go backpacking with babies.


Our next move was on to Costa Rica, and we headed for the border to get Sadie’s second stamp. A couple of boat and bus rides later we arrived at the border and realized we left our Phil and Teds travel crib behind. This little piece of luggage has been an important tool for us, because it gives Sadie a familiar place to sleep every night when everything else is constantly changing. For a short while we thought it was lost for good as we tried in vain to communicate with our bus driver, but some new friends from Spain came to the rescue and helped us call back to the ferry we left it on. We spent three dusty hours sweltering outside of a liquor store, wondering if we were waiting in vain, when a taxi pulled up and out came our crib. Smiling with relief, we were back on our way to Puerto Viejo.

You could say that Costa Rica got the lion’s share of Central America’s natural beauty. As we passed endless fields of banana trees with their golden offerings wrapped in blue plastic (keeing them perfect and unblemished, ready to be sold with a Chiquita sticker at your local store), I felt a little like I was back on Maui and on the road to Hana.

We stayed a few nights around Puerto Viejo, where saw our old travel friends and met some new ones, and then decided to head across to the Pacific side of the country, where the sun was shining bright and hot every day. On one very memorable night we stayed in a deserted hostel at the end of a long road without much to entertain ourselves. Fortunately, our hosts were two gregarious Israeli brothers who regaled us with stories of their worldly adventures and propositioned us to buy their hostel before preparing us the most delicious meal we have had since we’ve been on the road. We ate a whole snapper each with citrus barbecued chicken, fire roasted local veggies con “gusto” a local term for rice and beans. I don’t take a lot of foodie pics, but I made an exception here.


From here we bussed to San Jose, where I found myself accidentally ordering tequila shots at the local pub and poor baby Sadie got attacked by some monster bus bug. She was a little trooper and healed quickly, but that little muncher left a trail of welts on her arm, hand and the back of her legs. After a quick night we bounced off to the beautiful Pacific and more sand, sun and fun!

4 comments on “Caribbean to the Pacific

  1. It sounds like adventure living is good to you!!! So happy that things are going so well.
    Sorry to hear about that bad bug however it sound like Sadie handled it well. LOVE an Miss you guys keep the blog and pictures coming.
    Love You all Mom

  2. Hi from the exotic (cold, wet, grey,) whidbey Island. Love your blog. Wish I was there. I am living vicariously thru your entries. Please keep them coming to help me through the winter. And thank you for the candy. It was delish.

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